“Nothing will work unless you do.”

-Maya Angelou


20 must-have songs for your finals playlist

With finals fast approaching, we put together a list of must-have songs for your study playlist!  These tracks are the perfect background music to study to – relaxing with a low-key melody.


Who says arts and crafts are just for kids?

In this week’s podcast, we are talking stress management with Pittsburgh-based art therapist, mental health counselor, and yoga instructor, Gaby Schmulevich.





Ditch the fast food. $25 will get you these 5 dinners…plus leftovers.

Twenty-five dollars at Trader Joes will get you the ingredients you need to make the following five dinners.



Prep Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Be fueled through meal preparation. I’ll share tips, ideas, and my meal preparation process to help you fuel yourself for the week to come. Saving you time, money, and calories.


box-jumpNo time? No excuses.

Have Class all day? Think you don’t have time for a workout? Think again.


Organize Your Time, Organize Your Life

Organizing your time will help reduce stress, increase productivity, and ultimately find the mindfulness you need to get through the school year

Raw Foods Challenge.

As college students, it is easy for us to get busy and fall for the trap of eating “on the go”.  All of the fast food joints on Figueroa can be convenient, yet fall subpar in terms of nutritious. Unfortunately, no matter how delicious that may be, it can be costly and mean to our waistline.